A Valentines Day Kid Craft

Holiday Pencil Toppers

Make a festive Valentines Day kid craft.

Make festive pencil toppers with this Valentines Day kid craft.

Ordinary pencils just won't do for special holiday occasions. Celebrate this Valentine's Day by creating a unique pencil bouquet. Top your pencils with hearts that are sure to capture attention in the classroom. Kids will love writing holiday messages once they get their hands on this kid valentine craft idea.

Made with simple playdough (use one of our recipes) and you'll see how easy this craft is!

Have a very Happy Valentine's Day!



  • Play Dough (check out our recipes) or use store-bought clay
  • Food coloring
  • Green pencils
  • Green chenille stems (pipe cleaners)
  • Green craft foam
  • Ribbon


  • Prepare the play dough, form two balls
  • Add red food coloring and knead into one of the dough balls
  • For each heart, roll out a 1-inch ball and make an indentation in the top. This will be the tip of the heart.
  • Push the pencil eraser into the bottom of the ball
  • Flatten and smooth the dough forming the two rounded tops of the heart
  • Roll out a small coil of dough from the uncolored dough ball
  • Shape the coil into a heart shape
  • Press into place on the red heart
  • Allow to dry overnight
  • Cut small leaf shapes from craft foam
  • Poke the end of the chenille stem through the leaf
  • Fold the stem over to hold the leaf in place
  • Twist the chenille stem around the pencil
  • Tie a bunch of pencils together with ribbon for a hearty pencil bouquet

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