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The Best Truck Coloring Pages

Hit the Highway With Our Truck Coloring Pages

Choose your favorite trucks from our truck coloring pages collection!

When I was a kid, I had a fascination with all kinds of trucks!

Naturally, I had (still have) a pretty impressive collection of Matchbox cars. I would line them up on the floor and they would cover the expanse of the entire room. There I'd spend hours imagining myself behind the wheel, driving down open roads with the proverbial wind in my hair.

Today, my preferred transportation is by bike, but I still get nostalgic when I see a semi-trailer on the road.

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-1
Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-2

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-3
Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-4

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-5
Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-6

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-7
Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-8

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-9

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-10
Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-11

Truck Coloring Pages
Truck Coloring-12

How to Use These Free Printables

All of our coloring pages are available in pdf format. Just click on the thumbprints on this page and you'll be directed to the full-size drawing. Click on the printer icon and you're good to go. Here are just a few suggestions on how you can use these printables:

1. Planning a truck themed birthday party? Use our coloring pages as a ice-breaker activity . Spread out plenty of our truck coloring pages on a small table with loads of crayons and let the kids color while waiting for all your guests to arrive.

2. Use these drawings to supplement a learning module about transportation. Decorate classroom walls with the kids' work.

3. Inspire your kids to draw their own favorite trucks. Our cartoon style makes it fun for kids to fire up their imaginations and express themselves as budding artists!

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We've Got More Transportation Coloring Pages!

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Bus Coloring Pages

More Transportation Coloring Pages

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