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Super Snowman Craft Ideas

Winter Crafts for Kids What's better than building a real snowman? These snowman craft ideas fit the bill. Sometimes the weather is so bad that we can't go outside to play in the snow. So what can we do? Craft, of course!

You'd be surprised what you can make with a couple of paper plates, some glue and construction paper. Or try a food craft using marshmallows as a base for and edible snowman. Have some toilet paper rolls laying around. Our template turns them into cool snowmen that you can decorate with crayons and glue on buttons.

Check out our gallery and choose your favorites! We guarantee that you'll have loads of fun!

Snowman Craft Ideas

Frosty the "Balloon" Snowman: Keep a bunch of white balloons on hand for this easy snowman craft. Blow up a white balloon for each child. Provide markers, tempera paints, small brushes or q-tips and watch your kids create their very own original snowman. Use three balloons for face and body and you've got the almost real McCoy!
--Snowman Craft Idea--
Winter Crafts

Cottonball Snowman: Draw a snowman shape on a piece of colored construction paper. Give your kids glue, cotton balls, buttons, scraps of felt, crayons and markers. Let them glue the cotton balls within the drawing for a "fluffy" snowman craft idea.

--Snowman Craft Idea--
Winter Crafts

Snowman Ornaments: Using one of our salt dough recipes and a snowman shaped cookie cutter, you can create snowman ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree or use as a holiday decoration. Click here for instructions.

--Snowman Craft Idea--
Winter Crafts

Styrofoam Snowman: Use styrofoam balls that you buy at a craft store to make your own original snowman. Attach three balls together to form the body and then decorate using markers, felt, pompoms and pipe cleaners (for arms). You'll have a blast making this craft!

Winter Crafts

Marshmallow Snowman: Three marshmallows on a toothpick, then add pretzel arms, raisin and nut facial features (white frosting or honey becomes your "glue") and you've got a tasty snowman snack!

--Snowman Craft Idea--
Winter Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman: Turn a simple toilet paper roll into a cute snowman finger puppet or decoration. Use our template, some felt, an egg carton cup and some buttons for a cute craft!

Click here for our template.
--Snowman Craft Idea--
Winter Crafts

Paper Plate Snowman: Snowman faces are created with simple white paper plates. Facial features can be drawn or glued on. For a special feature, cut a small hole for the "traditional" carrot nose. Cut a triangle out of orange construction paper and roll it into a pointy nose shape. Push it through the hole and you've created a 3-D snowman face!

If you've got your own winter crafts for kids let us know by filling out this form.

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