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Play Dough Recipe Idea: Play-Doh Creativity Center

by Real Kids
(Easy Child Crafts HQ)

Click to buy Play Dough Recipe Idea: Play-Doh Creativity Center from Amazon!Click to buy this item from Amazon!Play Dough Recipe Idea: Play-Doh Creativity Center

This Play-Doh Activity center is the TOTAL PACKAGE! It's got everything you could imagine to insure that your kids get the ULTIMATE Play-Doh experience!

Guaranteed to provide hours of fun, this is a MUST for all kids. The upside for parents is that the built in storage and tabletop work area means less clean up time for us. No fuss, no muss! I'm thinking that the best place to store this would be under a bed! Just love the thought of that easy storage solution.

Seriously, if your kids love to play with play dough, then this is the set for them! To tell you the truth...I'm going to play with them. There's something very theraputic about kneading dough and then using cookie cutter shapes to make cute animal and shape cut-outs! Who know? Maybe I'll buy one just for me!

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