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Paper Mache Puppets - A Halloween Witch

Paper mache puppets are always fun to make and this happpy Halloween witch is no exception. Follow our step-by-step instructions for this easy holiday craft idea.

Paper Mache Puppets

The idea is really easy. Let's take a look at what you'll need:


  • Newspaper
  • Flour and water (for the mache paste)
  • Masking tape
  • One toilet paper roll
  • White and green tempra paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Black heavy duty construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Exacto knife (adult supervision, please)
  • One black sock
  • Black felt or other black fabric
  • Skewer
  • Rafia
  • Orange yarn
  • Googly eyes
  • Pompom
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Gold star shaped stickers (optional)

    Paper Mache Puppets


    1. Cover your work space with a protective cloth or newspapers. Making paper mache puppets has been known to get messy!

    2. Crumple up some newspaper into a ball and tape masking tape around it to hold. Attach the ball to the top of the toilet paper roll with more masking tape. This will be the witch's head and neck.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    3. Mix one cup of flour and one cup of water to make your paper mache mixture. Tear short strips of newspaper, dip in the paper mache paste and start pasting them to the "head" of the witch. Repeat for at least 2-3 layers. Set this aside and let it dry completely.

    Paper Mache PuppetsPaper Mache Puppets

    4. Mix white and green tempra paint on a plate until you get a lighter shade of green. Paint the paper mache ball green. Set aside to dry.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    5. Once you puppet head is completely dry, it's time to start putting your puppet together. Take a black sock and cut the tip of it off. Slide onto the witch's neck and glue into place.

    Paper Mache PuppetsPaper Mache Puppets Paper Mache Puppets

    6. Now let's add some hair! Cut long strands of orange yarn and tie in the middle. Glue the hair to the witch's head.

    Paper Mache PuppetsPaper Mache Puppets Paper Mache Puppets

    7. Our witch is finally beginning to become "real". She now needs a glue on a pompom nose and add some googly eyes. Take your black marker and draw on the witch's mouth.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    8. To make the hat: Cut out a large circle from the black heavy-duty construction paper and use this for the base of the hat. Using the same paper, cut a large half oval for the top of the hat.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    9. Using the exacto knife, cut an "X" in the center of the circle. Fold back the tabs as shown in picture.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    10. Fold the half oval piece of paper into a cone shape and staple. Make the ends even using scissors. Place glue on tabs of base of hat, and attach the cone to the base, so that the tabs are on the inside of the cone. Hold in place until dry. Once dry, you may want to decorate the hat using gold star shaped stickers, or you could just leave it black.

    Paper Mache Puppets Paper Mache Puppets
    Paper Mache Puppets

    11. To make the broom: Cut strands of rafia and tie together at the top using another strand of rafia. Poke a skewer through.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    12. To make the witch's cape: Take a piece of black fabric or felt and wrap around the witch's neck. This will be her cape. Slide the broom under the cape. Glue the cape around it to hold it in place.

    Paper Mache Puppets

    That's it....believe it or not, you're done! Congratulations on making paper mache puppets for Halloween.
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