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Paper Mache Project and Recipe Ideas

Papepr Mache Project

Everyone has a memory of making a paper mache project. You may not remember the exact recipe for the glue, but you can almost feel the joy of dipping your hands in the warm, smooth paste.

My most ambitious project was making a paper mache mask for one of my children on Halloween. It was my son's request to dress up as a rhinoceros, and my only solution came via paper mache.

Although we haven't included instructions for that particular paper mache animal craft, we are providing you with three separate Paper Mache Recipes. Pick out your favorite, and then browse through our selection of easy kid crafts made with paper mache.

Have fun and enjoy!

Paper Mache Recipe #1

1 cup water
1/4 cup flour
5 cups boiled water

In a medium saucepan, add flour to one cup of water and mix until the mixture is thin and runny. Gradually add the boiled water. On a low flame, gently boil and stir for 3 minutes. Cool before using.

Paper Mache Recipe #2

2 cups of cold water
1 1/2 to 1 3/4 cups of flour

Place the flour in a large bowl and gradually add the water.
Mix using a wire whisk until the mixture looks like heavy cream.

Paper Mache Recipe #3

This recipe, given to me by an art teacher, uses glue instead of flour for a stronger paste.

Mix two parts white glue with one part warm water.
Stir well and the paste is ready to use.

Now you need newspaper or any other type of paper product. (Colorful gift wrapping paper works well for some designs).

Dip each piece of paper in the glue mixture and apply it one piece at a time to form the craft project of your choice.

Choose this paper mache piggy bank or a paper mache mask as your first fun craft for kids to make.

We're always curious about how our crafts worked for you. So... would you consider sending in a picture of your finished paper mache project to be featured in our photo gallery? It's easy to do!

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