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Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

Our paper bag puppets monkey is the newest addition to our "how to make a puppet" series!

It's monkey see-monkey do with this easy craft idea. Transform a simple brown paper bag into an educational prop!

This craft idea is super simple and economical. You've got lunch bags, right? And scissors...some glue? Now all you need is our easy picture tutorial and the templates that go with it! It's win-win for everyone and we guarantee loads of fun after you complete your puppet.

Let's take a quick look at the finished craft!

Make this paper bag puppet monkey.

Now let's learn how to make a our latest paper bag puppets monkey:


  • One brown paper lunch bag (ours was bought at Target)
  • Brown and white construction paper
  • One black marker
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue (glue stick or white Elmer's glue will do)
  • A printer
  • Template 1 and Template 2


    1. Print out our template and cut out the puppet pieces. Trace on to the colored construction paper and cut out once again. Or you can print the template pieces directly onto colored construction paper and cut them out. Your call :)

    Paper Bag Puppets MonkeyPaper Bag Puppets Monkey

    2. Once you decided on your printing choices, cut out the template pieces and lay them out in front of you.

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    3. Glue the head onto the folded bottom part of the bag (the flap).

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    4. Glue the face pieces onto the head.

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    5. Color the face with a light brown crayon. Using the black marker, draw a nose and color, as shown in the picture. (LOL moment: here's where you'll notice that I already provided you with a colored in nose on the template! I'll write it off as a technical difficulty...please excuse me :)

    Paper Bag Puppets MonkeyPaper Bag Puppets Monkey

    6. Cut out a rectangular piece of brown construction to fit over the front of the bag (make sure that the monkey's lower jaw is glued on top of this piece).

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    7. Using the black marker, color in a mouth, as shown. (Again...already done on the template!)

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    8.Color the face with a light brown crayon.

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    9. Glue the ears onto the side of the monkey's face.

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    10. Glue on the chest and color the same light brown as the face.

    Paper Bag Puppets Monkey

    That's it, you're done with our paper bag puppets monkey! Way to go! Now you're ready to put on a puppet show!

    Paper Bag Puppets Kit

    We talk a lot about using craft materials that you have at home, but sometimes it just isn't feasible. That's why I rely on Amazon to get me out of lots of sticky situations.

    For instance, I have two little cousins who live an ocean away from me. They love to craft, but I can't always be there for them. So, that's when I get crafty (in a different way) and try to come up with creative ideas to share with them.

    When I started this paper bag puppet series, I knew that their mom was busy, so I did a search on Amazon and found this nifty little packet of puppets.

    Each set comes with five paper bags and a set of peel off stickers, punch outs and a glue stick. It's easy, fun and not messy. My little cousins will LOVE it and their mom will LOVE the easy clean up!

    The packet stores flat, which also makes it a great take-along craft for plane or car trips.

    I've already made the purchase, and the kids were thrilled to get their own little package in the mail.

    This kit is a MUST!


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