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My Lamb Chop Puppet Lesson!

Join Me in Making a Lamb Chop Puppet!

A couple of months ago, I set out on a puppet making adventure. We were expanding the website and after an SBI Brainstorming session, we realized that "puppets" was a term being searched for on the internet. Maya and I got really psyched about this and we started planning all the puppets we would make! I remembered how much I'd enjoyed watching Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop on television, so I made it my goal to actually make the puppet!

Lamb Chop Puppet

It was a big undertaking for me, and I soon found myself enlisting the help of professional puppet maker, Gili. Gili lives, works and most importantly, creates puppets in her rooftop apartment in the heart of Tel Aviv. It was a rewarding day for me and I want to give a shout out of "Thanks!" to her. You can view more of her work by clicking here.

Anyway, on to how I made the puppet and what you'll need if you want to make a Lamb Chop Puppet for yourself!

Materials for a Lamb Chop Puppet

  • A pair of white gym socks
  • Black, brown and red felt
  • Thin foam (about 1/4 inch thick)
  • 1/4 yard of white fur material (found in fabric stores)
  • Acrylic stuffing
  • Red buttons
  • Scissors
  • Super glue (adult supervision required!!!)
  • Sewing needles and thread (I needed white and red thread)
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Markers and a pencil

Making a Lamb Chop Puppet

1. Put your hand inside one of the socks. The heel of the sock should fit over your knuckles. Push any excess sock back into your hand to form the mouth. If you've got a lot of excess material, you can cut the toe off the sock and then stitch it up using needle and thread. This will prevent any bulk material in your mouth and give you a more comfortable feel as you slip the puppet on your hand.

Cut out felt or fabric scraps for clothing and glue on the bottle.

2. Now for the head and mouth inside padding. I've provided a series of four pictures to help you understand these written instructions. Hope it makes it a bit easier to comprehend. Take your sheet of foam and place your closed hand on it. Trace around your fingers with a colored marker. Cut out two pieces of foam this size.

Lamb Chop Puppet Lamb Chop Puppet

3. Then take super glue and dot the glue around the sides of one of your foam pieces. Spread with a skewer or popsicle stick. Wait a few minutes (the secret of super glue, which I just learned from Gili) and then glue the two pieces of foam together to form a mitt. (See the picture).

4. Turn your sock inside out and line the mitt up to the end of your sock. Turn right side out. Your mitt should be inside your puppet's head now. If you place your hand inside the mitt, you should have all that excess sock (the toe) stuffed inside to form a mouth. Reading this to myself, it doesn't sound too clear, but I'm hoping you know what I'm talking about.

Lamb Chop Puppet Lamb Chop Puppet

5. Next, take a piece of red felt (pink will do, too) and place it inside the mouth cavity. Trim the felt to fit. Remove from the mouth area and dot on some super glue to the inside of the mouth. Wait a few moments (remember Gili's hint) and then place your felt piece inside. Press to the sock to make sure that it's glued firmly to the sock.

6. From the second sock, cut away the ribbed part of the sock. Cut the ribbing into two pieces (lengthwise). With wrong sides together sew the long edges closed. Stuff with acrylic stuffing and set aside. Now cut four hand shapes from red felt. Sew seams together and stuff. Sew to the arm. Now sew the arms to the body.

7. To make the legs, you'll need to cut what's left of your second sock from the end of the ribbing to the toe area. Much like you made the arms, you'll need to cut this piece in half (lengthwise) Sew the long ends closded on both legs. Turn right side out, stuff with acrylic stuffing and sew shut. At this point you should have two legs. Take the faux fur material and place the stuffed leg on it. Cut a piece of material that fits around the leg. Dot super glue on the leg and wait a few moments. Glue the fur to the leg. For added strength, you can sew the fur together where the cut edges meet. Repeat for the second leg. Sew to the body of your puppet. (I didn't do a great job here, and if you'll check the picture, you'll see that my legs are way too far apart! Oh well :)

8. For the face, I cut out eyelashes from black felt and glued them on the head. Then I took black embroidery thread and stitched on the nose and line running to the mouth. I cut more faux fur and glued and sewed it onto the head. Then I sewed on two ears (made from brown felt) and finished the body off with three red buttons.

Lamb Chop Puppet

Despite the mistakes, I'm really proud of my finished Lamb Chop Puppet! While I don't see myself honing my ventriloquist skills, Maya has promised me that she'll use the puppet in her speech therapy sessions. She's sure the kids will love it!

Have you made your own Lamb Chop Puppet?

We'd love to see what you made. Why not share your puppet with us?

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