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Fun ESL Activities

Make learning English a BLAST with these fun ESL activities!

A few years ago, I taught English to young kids ages 2-12. It was a fun and rewarding career change, but I was constantly on the lookout for props and games to help me in my lesson delivery. Luckily, I've enlisted my son, a cartoon artist, to help me in my search. Here are some of the fun ESL activities and props that we've either developed or found on the web.

Kid Binoculars

Fun ESL Activities
Peek-a-Boo, I see you--Start your lessons off by greeting each child by name. Everyone sits in a circle and has their own pair of binoculars. Chant this phrase, "One, two, three...who do I see? I see...(name of child). Everyone takes a turn at this game! In the end, collect the binoculars for use during other lessons. I stored mine in a decorated shoe box!

Kid Crafts Mask Idea

Fun ESL Activities
Kids Mask--Patterned after a ping pong paddle, this is a great teaching prop!

Mark out holes for the eyes, then let your students draw self-portraits! Encourage conversation as the kids color in their facial features. Example: "What color hair do you have?" "Do you have freckles?" "Do you wear glasses?"

Collect the finished masks and laminate to protect.

Nothing fancy is needed to make this mask: White paper, scissors, markers or crayons, and a whole lotta imagination!

Mask Templates

Fun EsSL Activities
Creativity Street Colossal Craft Masks Kit - Colossal Craft Masks Kit --Kick off your ESL lesson with another "Peek-a-Boo, I See You" idea. Introduce the phrase, "Who do I see?" and entice the kids to respond with by saying, "I see (child's name). Your students "hide" behind these homemade masks and then "reveal" themselves when their name is called.

Don't forget to introduce the concept of "giggles" because there will be plenty during this exercise!

Transportation Prop-Cars

Fun ESL Activities
Car Templates--This is one of many fun esl activities for the younger set. My group of 2-3 year olds love to "wear" their cars and zoom around the room on a make believe race track as they learn the words "car" and "I am the driver..."

Print out the template on colored construction paper, cut out and laminate. More easy instructions here.

Transportation Prop-Trucks

Fun ESL Activities
Truck Template--Use this big truck template/coloring page to help teach traffic safety to young kids. This fun esl activity can be used in so many ways. First, print out our template and let the kids color their trucks. Then, print out the template as a placard and use for teaching road safety.

We printed ours out on colored construction paper, laminated them and glued Velcro on the back of each truck. When the kids came to their lesson, we "stuck" the truck on the front of each students' shirt, gave them a play steering wheel and let them "drive" around the room. Words introduced in this lesson are: I'm the driver. I'm driving the truck. Fast. Slow.

Needless to say, we had a great time! Get your template here.

Transportation Prop-Bus

Fun ESL Activities
Bus Template--The yellow school bus is a classic and kids love learning and repeating the word "bus". Maybe it's that "sssss" sound at the end of the word!

At any rate, have fun with this one! Let the kids color their own buses or print out the template on colored construction paper, cut out and laminate.

More easy instructions here.

Animal Props-Masks

Fun ESL Activities
Animal Masks--During group lessons, the kids would choose their favorite animal, place the mask around their necks and then say something like, "I am a dog!" Then they would "act" like the animal and we would repeat the words in English.

Our selection includes a dog, cat, sheep, cow, rabbit, duck and donkey. All you have to do is print out one (or all) of our templates, let your imaginations run wild and you've got an afternoon filled with animal fun!

Animal Props-Toilet Roll Crafts

Fun ESL Activities
TP Roll Animals--Simple, cheap, easy...and FUN! Teach the kids different animal names and let them take the craft home!

We've got loads of templates for almost any animal you'll need.

We've also got story book characters if you use a reading circle as one of your own fun ESL activities. Glue a popsicle stick to the paper roll or place on your finger and you've got a great puppet!

This is by far one of our favorite crafts! Check out the complete selection here.

Animal Props-Bear Family Fun

Child Arts and Craft IdeaChild Arts and Craft Idea
Popsicle Stick Puppets--One of my favorite fun ESL activities is Puppet Theater

Make up a story about the Bear family. Ours went shoe shopping. We've got templates for Dad, Mom, Sister and Brother Bear.

Your students will love this craft! You could also come up with your own creative ideas! Have FUN!

Get all your Bear Family templates here.

More Fun ESL Activities-ABC Worksheets

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