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Bubble Wands that Blow You Away

Ideas for free kid crafts are everywhere...including your own home!
Free Kid Crafts

Wander into your kitchen and open up your kitchen drawer. See anything interesting? What about that cookie cutter, or that slotted spoon? Did you know that they'd make wonderful bubble wands that will provide your kids with hours of bubble fun?

Don't take my word for it....check out the list of free kid crafts (Bubble Wand Ideas) we present here. Ready? Set? Blow!

Giant Bubble Wand

Christine Dvornik (excerpted from
What do kids like even more than blowing bubbles in their drinks? Blowing giant bubbles of course! Help your kids make their own magic wands - then watch the bubbles fly free!

Materials needed:

  • Two straws

  • A heavy piece of string or yarn (36"-48" long)

  • Scissors

  • Bubble solution

    What to do:

  • Thread the string through both straws and tie a knot at each end. This will form a rectangular wand.

  • Put a straw in each hand and lower them into your bubble solution.

  • Bring the straws together in the solution, making sure the entire wand is submerged.

  • Lift the wand upward, through the air. As you raise the straws up, move your hands away from each other.

  • Now move your hands together to let your bubble fly free!

    Christine is an editor for She is pursuing a degree in literature and spends time writing and illustrating children's books.

    Other free kid crafts (ideas for Bubble Wands) include:

  • Cut out the center of a margarine lid

  • Cookie cutters

  • Fly Swatter

  • Rubber band

  • Strawberry baskets

  • Six-pack rings (from aluminum cans)

  • Egg poacher trays

  • Funnels

  • Child scissors -hold the blades and dip the finger holders into the bubble solution

  • Plastic frozen juice can-open at both ends

  • Paper cups-poke a hole in the bottom

  • Drinking straws-individual or banded together

  • Hula hoop

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Slotted spoons

  • Potato masher

  • Strainer

  • Turkey baster

    In the rare case that you can't find any of these gadgets at home....don't worry. You can make a "Hand Wand". Just put your hands in the bubble liquid and place your pointer fingers and thumbs together (making a circle). Then you can pull your hands out and blow through your circle. (You don't need a bubble wand).

    Thanks to The Bubble Shop for their ideas.

    Keep in mind that different climate conditions can have a big effect on the performance of bubble solution, so you'll need to do a bit of experimenting. Overcast or humid days work best for bubble blowing. Just after a rainfall is even better! If you live where it's hot and dry then stick to making small bubbles. Bubble solution can be stored in an airtight container and used over time. Just's all about having some FUN!

    For more information on the scientific ins and outs of bubble making, log on to:

    Here Are Some More Bubble Activities!

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