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Easy to Make Puppets: Sock and Glove Softies

You know the drill. You're unloading your dryer and all of a sudden you've got mismatched socks, lost gloves and mittens...what's going on? Does the dryer eat them? Where does the other partner sock go? It's a mystery in every household.

BUT...don't throw these orphan socks and gloves away...instead, follow the easy instructions included in this book and learn to make cute stuffed animals!

Dogs, cats, pigs you name it! Easy photos show you how! Your kids will love this activity book.
And you won't dread opening the dryer door anymore!

Have a blast!

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Nice!!!! NEW
by: Paul

I don’t find making these puppets that easy, maybe because I am not experienced in it. But I am definitely working out my skills to learn how to make Sock and Glove Softies with ease. golden age cheese As of my, my kids are too fascinated by few pieces I have made.

Easy to Make Puppets NEW
by: Anonymous

I do follow each of your crafts and try them at home even some times busy with my customessays uk service works. All the crafts illustrated here are so useful to kids.

Nice NEW
by: Lenin

Pretty cool when your child can make things and play make believe. While unhealthy after a certain age, there’s plenty of space for it to bring in fun and happiness to a growing toddler. This one seems perfect for a creative mind. Stacy Adams boots

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