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Stage a Bubble Contest This Summer

Ready-Set-Blow! with a bubble contest right in your own backyard.

Bubble Contest
For a cool summer craft idea/activity consider using bubble recipes and stage a Bubble Contest right in your own backyard.

Give each contestant a special bubble wand and get ready to judge for biggest, best, most colorful bubbles. Everyone will want to "swish" their way through this competition. From ice-breaker party activity to summer craft idea, you're sure to find at least one game to put into action.

Let your kids discover, with one breath, the magic that blowing bubbles provides. Choose from our list of suggestions and you'll be on your way to having a "blow-out" good time!

Preschool Bubble Game

Teach your kids about parts of the body while playing with bubbles. Have kids pop the bubbles with two hands, one finger, thumb, elbow, head, knee, foot as you direct them. Print out pictures of various body parts, and let one child at a time choose which part the children will pop the forefinger, leg, elbow, etc.

Pop the Bubble Contest

Choose three kids to be the bubble blowers. Set a time limit for blowing bubbles and have the rest of the children run about popping them. The kid who pops the most wins! (You can also use a bubble machine for this game).

Dodge Bubble Contest

This game is much like the old-time Dodge Ball of my childhood! Stand the kids in a circle and give each a bottle of bubble solution and a bubble wand. Let the birthday child be first to stand in the middle of the circle. Everyone starts blowing bubbles (for about 30 seconds) and the kid in the middle has to "dodge" them. Have your camera on hand for this game...there'll be plenty of funny moves to capture on film.

Bubble Pictures

This is a great outdoor activity. Set out a plastic covered table. Provide trays of colored bubble solution (check out our recipe) and drinking straws. Have the kids blow bubbles in the paint trays. Then have them pass a piece of paper through the bubbles. You'll be amazed at the artwork that comes out of this easy summer craft for kids!

Colored Bubble Pictures

Have an adult blow bubbles using a colored bubble solution (see our recipe). All the kids will have a piece of plain paper. It's up to them to try and catch the bubble with their paper. The bursting bubbles make cool designs on the sheets of paper. After you're finished with the bubbles, let the pictures dry naturally.

Ultimate Bubble Activity

This is the ULTIMATE bubble party activity. Prepare a bucket-full of bubble solution and pour it into a small inflatable wading pool. Place a hula hoop into the pool and a small step stool in the middle of the hula hoop. Stand a child on the stool and then lift the hula hoop up over the child. As you do this, a giant bubble will form around the child. Be sure to have your camera ready to take pictures of the child in the bubble because it's an amazing feat!

For more information on the scientific ins and outs of bubble making, log on to:

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