About Us

Just a little bit about us...

Hello. We're Jodi and Susie and we're the "craft junkies" behind www.easy-child-crafts.com.

We're both originally from the United States, but now live with our respective families on a small kibbutz in the Sharon region of Israel. Jodi is the proud mom of Yarden and Tami (whose pictures and crafts you'll find scattered about our site), and Susie is mom to Omri (our resident artist), Maya, Rotem and Amit (all help out on various projects and are our favorite "guinea pigs").

The best advice we ever heard was, "Keep it real" and that's the idea behind our website. We suggest easy, inexpensive, do-able activities for you and your children (grandchildren or just your very favorite kids). Start by using one of the crafts included in this site. Once you get going, you'll be amazed at how fun (and easy) it is to become involved with crafts. You'll be engaging your kids in positive, productive activities and you'll find out just how "engaging" and creative they can be.

Give it a try...you may just discover the kid inside yourself.

Happy crafting and enjoy the time spent with your kids.

Jodi and Susie

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P.P.S.(You might work up an appetite as you make your craft projects. Log on to our sister site www.easy-strawberry-recipes.com and whip up a tasty treat for you and the kids.)

Enough About Us...Get Crafting