Last Minute Free Christmas Crafts for Kids

Welcome to the fifth edition of our online magazine, Real Crafts for Real Kids.

This month we're tackling the subject of how to keep kids busy during winter vacation (pre-Christmas presents)!

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It may be the last minute before Christmas...and you just might find yourselves in a situation where the kids are getting impatient, a little whiny and you're hearing this sentence, "I'm boooorrrred!", just one time too many.

Our answer....check the kitchen cabinets for some paper plates, construction paper, a bit of glue, some glitter...and gather the kids around the kitchen table for some last minute holiday crafting.

It should buy you a few minutes of pre-holiday sanity!

Take a look at our gallery and choose your favorites! Happy Holidays!

Holiday Garland
Holiday Garlands
Table Decoration
Hand Wreath
Handprint Wreath

Christmas is the perfect holiday to create new and special family traditions. That's what we had in mind when we developed this selection of easy child crafts. Here you'll find craft ideas and tons of inspiration to get you and your kids into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Lanterns
Tree Mobile
Tree Mobile
Boot  Ornament
Easy Ornament

Materials needed for these Christmas kid crafts can be found in and around your house. Designed for the smallest preschool child, you'll get loads of satisfaction and hours of fun as you undertake each craft project.

Pinecone Ornaments
Toilet Roll Santa
TP Santa
Tree Topper
Star Tree Topper

Holiday Cookies
Kids Holiday Cookies
Danish Heart Ornament
Danish Hearts
Kids Make Gifts
Kids Gift Giving

Christmas Ornaments Crafts
Chrismas Ornaments
Wooden Christmas Crafts
Wooden Ornaments
Pine Cone Christmas Tree
Pine Cone Tree

Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers
Preschool Crafts
Christmas Angel Crafts
Angel Crafts
Quick Christmas Crafts
Quick Crafts

Last but not least, you may enjoy some Christmas coloring sheets...Omri's got some new ideas for you!

Have a great holiday season!

Maya, Omri and Susie